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Mid Century Easy Chair

Part of the Guardian Weekend collection. Not for sale.

A friends chair found in a derelict warehouse in Clerkenwell about five years ago. Nice. The chair was covered in a splattering of paint and web less. I attached new Pirelli webbing and clips. The seat was a sandwich of recon, blue and pink foam. The recon making a solid base, the pink and blue to give a bit of bounce and touch of comfort. The back is straight up blue. Both are shaped so that they fit perfectly to the shape of the chair.

The fabric is from Osborne and Little, the sides are Bute. There’s a great line of blue that runs through this fabric and gives it a bit of life. I like to make things hard for myself by piping the stripe for the front that turns solid brown on the sides. This meant there’s extra bulk on the corners which is annoying… The overall look of the chair is quite muted. Everyone who sees it loves it. I made a cushion pad with a combination of O&L and a pink tweed from Bute. It really brightens up the look of the chair. Actually change that, Nat made the cushion pad…. Thanks for that.

Hannah Stanton Guardian Magazine Mid Century chair Osborne and Little

Mid Century Osborne and Little Bute

Mid Century Osborne and Little Bute

Hannah Stanton Guardian Weekend Magazine Mid Century Osborne and Little Bute