Contemporary Upholstery: Techniques and Inspirations for Upstyling Your Furniture and Style, Stitch, Staple

Contemporary Upholstery commissioned by Rotovision and published by Jacqui Small Publishing in the UK. Style, Stitch, Staple published by Running Press in the USA. Both are beautifully designed books that combine straightforward upholstery techniques with detailed guidance on choosing and styling fabrics.

Packed full of advice, yardage charts, upholstery tutorials and case studies that feature salvaged and inexpensive furniture, this book is the perfect guide for the many sewers, designers, artists and creative people who would happily dive into a flurry of fabric, staples, paints and webbing to update and transform pieces of furniture.

The first section of the book provides an overview of the tools and materials commonly used for upholstery. The second part is devoted to fabric, including detailed advice on choosing and working with a wide range of fabrics. Section three then provides practical tutorials that are technique rather than project driven and range from quick makeovers to simple solutions for processes like webbing and springing. Twelve case studies are included, all from designers who have taken the plunge and successfully re-upholstered their home furniture. They explain their fabric and colour choices, the challenges they faced and offer valuable money and time saving tips for stunning results.

Whether you are taking that first daunting step, or wanting to move on to a more complex project, Contemporary Upholstery will guide and inspire people to rescue and revive all sorts of furniture.

Style, Stitch, Staple in the USA

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