Guardian Weekend

Victorian Bluebell Gray

A unique and beautiful chair upholstered for The Guardian Weekend Magazine. Now looking for a loving home.

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I spotted this generously proportioned comfy looking chair on ebay and I had to have it. Prising it away from its owners was another matter - even though technically, it was mine. Part of a downsizing mission and a much loved piece indeed. There were tears, much wailing and consoling. OK, it wasn't that dramatic but it was clear the chair was full of happy memories.

After ripping down, I gave the chair a carpentry style fix up - re-dowling and glueing loose joints. I re-webbed and tied in the springs from below and added more hair and a layer of cotton felt to the seat and the back. The orange velvet was so intense in colour in the parts hidden from daylight. I’ve kept a sample - Too small to use, but impossible to throw.

The Bluebell Gray fabric was great to work with. I probably wasted (spent) half a day just looking. I cleaned the original orange velvet buttons and used them again on the bottom row. The purple buttons are covered in Kvadrat felt which I had hanging around from a previous project. I demand that everyone sits in this chair. It makes you sit upright and your arms rest in the perfect position.

The trim is from the Cloth House in Soho.

I absolutely love this chair – it will be missed.

£1500 ono

Hannah Stanton The Guardian Weekend Magazine Bluebell GrayHannahStantonVictorianBBGray1

Hannah Stanton The Guardian Weekend Magazine Bluebell Gray Victorian chair

Hannah Stanton Weekend Guardian Magazine Bluebell Gray Victorian chair