Second Sitters Project Space, Tent 2014

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in News

Tent invited Second Sitters to host a project space at Tent this year. Here are a selection of images from the event which included live upholstery, materials exploration and an interactive piece the ’20 Centimes’ chair. Thank you to fellow Second Sitters, Polly Granville and Rachael South for taking part and keeping the spirits up in the searing temperatures. Also thanks to fellow upholsterers Ian and Alex and to Matthias for taking the pictures.

18-21 September, Old Truman Brewery
T1, Stand F02

Reinventing the traditional craft of upholstery, Second Sitters brings together a new generation of contemporary upholsterers, their skills, methods and materials used rooted in upholstery tradition. Second Sitters presents an upholstery installation workshop. A sensory discovery of the skills, techniques and materials of the upholsterer. Evolving over the duration of Tent a single live collaborative piece will be upholstered by a different second sitter everyday. Each bringing their own contemporary take on the traditional craft. Launching at Tent! ’20 Centimes’. ‘20 centimes’ is a travelling piece expanding over time, accumulating/collecting our memories, bulging with our secrets. Contribute and be part of the story – Your secrets safe with us…
Hannah Stanton, Second Sitters, Tent, LDF, Graphics
Hannah Stanton, Second Sitters, Tent, LDF, Graphics
Hannah Stanton, Second Sitters, Tent 2014 Project Space, Upholstery